FAQs - Clients
MethodExpress is a service provider that offers a wide spectrum of services. Click here for an elaborate answer.
Our approach is 100% client-focused. It is explained in great details here
We Cover “CEO-agenda” domains of Knowledge where it can be very hard, costly, and time consuming to find talent and manage engagements. “CEO-agenda” domains are those areas that are most critical to the success of the whole organization and usually rank high on the priority list of the organization’s leadership. Click here for details of the domains we currently offer. We are open to adding more domains of knowledge as long as the fall in the same category of domain that are most critical to the success of the whole organization. If you feel we should be covering other certain domain(s), please let us know here and we will be most grateful.
Our competitive edge works to your advantage. Click here for details.
MethodExpress is capable of serving clients in any geography. Please submit a request today and we will be glad to propose a solution in your desired geography.
It all depends on your requirements and budget. Please submit a request today and we will be glad to propose a solution and provide you with a no-obligation estimate. If that does not fit your budget, we will be glad to offer alternatives.
Our services will always be much more cost effective than most, if not all, alternatives in the market. If compared it to the cost offered by traditional consultancy, advisory and outsourcing firms, then our cost will be significantly lower and we will be easier to deal with. We will also be more practical and faster. On the other hand, if compared to dealing directly with head-hunted freelancers, our services will be much more cost effective. Please visit the page Business Problems We Solve for more insight.
None. Before you sign a detailed contract for particular engagement with METHODExpress, there are no obligations on your part. Even after you commit, you will be still covered with our unique Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.
Consider the two situations below:
  • Are you are looking to join a certain training course in your area as an individual, but do not seem to find it offered anywhere with the right quality, timing, and cost?
  • Do you need to hold a private training course for your team but do not have a sufficient number of trainees to make it cost-effective?
  • If you have answered yes to at least one of these two questions, then LearnPool will most likely work for you. Read more.
    METHOD (www.methodcorp.com) was established in the year 2000. It is the Middle East pioneer and leader in providing value-adding project, programme and portfolio management services. METHOD is highly focused and specialized in this specific domain. METHOD company profile can be found here.

    MethodExpress is a METHOD sister company that is building on the heritage of quality, success and client satisfaction of METHOD.
  • However, MethodExpress covers many different Domains of Knowledge. in a number of key and high-visibility domains that are of special importance to organizations’ leadership, top executives and upper management team.
  • It provides Professional Services, Staff Outsourcing, Training & Hands on Coaching in those domains.
  • MethodExpress works in a new approach that is more utilitarian and that fits the needs of clients who want to get the services in a fast, practical, cost effective and yet quality manner while skipping the lengthy procedures of procurement and contracting.
  • Learn more about how MethodExpress works here.