Talent invitation & FAQs

We are excited to invite you to join the METHODExpress network today as a freelance talent so you can start providing services to our clients.

List your talent today and let us find your next rewarding work engagement!

Do you have experience in the domains of Strategy, Project Management, BI, IT, Quality, ERP, HR or other slimier “mission-critical” domains of knowledge?

Can you provide professional services, assume certain positions, conduct training or be a coach in any of those domains of knowledge?

Are you interested in assignments based on full time, part time, freelance, outsource, or fixed-cost fixed-scope arrangements?

Join METHODExpress today
for a world of opportunities in Professional Services, Staff Outsourcing &. Training/ Hands on Coaching

What is METHODExpress?

We are a service provider that offers a wide spectrum of Professional Services, Staff Outsourcing and Training & Hands on Coaching. We do so through a network of professionals, just like you, that we engage on project by project bases. You can be on METHODExpress while still on your full time job, while doing other freelance work on your own, or even if you have your own business.

How does it work?

We depend on great people like you.
  • We receive business requirements from clients: It can be for professional services, staffing, or training.
  • We look within our network for great talent, or teams, for the best match to requirements.
  • We build a proposal for the client with you (individual talent or team) as the core value. Then we enter into a clear contract with talent and with client.
  • Manage project taking care of quality, logistics, coordination, milestones & payments.
  • With you, we guarantee client satisfaction.
We will simply increase your exposure to rewarding assignments so you can share your experience and generate income.
Client get quick access to quality services offered by quality subject matter experts like you. At the same time, they have the peace of mind knowing that engagements are managed and guaranteed by METHODExpress.
Your contract will always be with METHODExpress. You will receive payments from METHODExpress upon successful completion of millstones. All will be documented in a clear, practical yet detailed agreement.
We Cover “CEO-agenda” domains of Knowledge that are most critical to the success of the whole organization and usually rank high on the priority list of the organization’s leadership. Those include Strategy, Project Management, BI, IT, Quality, ERP, HR and other slimier “domains of knowledge. We are open to suggestions from experts like you.
  • Professional services
  • Part-time or full time positions
  • Training & Coaching
  • About two decades in business.
  • Hundreds of successful projects.
  • 2,000 + Corporate Clients.
  • Over 20,000 training graduates.
  • None. Signing up is just like creating a profile on LinkedIn or something of that sort. Before you sign a detailed contract for particular engagement with METHODExpress, there are no obligations on your part. You can update or delete your profile anytime and your privacy will be completely respected as per a clear written policy.
    When you sign up, you will be asked to specify an indicative rate(s), if you like. We will take that into consideration when we make you an offer to deliver work.
    However may expect us to offer you assignments anywhere in the world. In your profile, you can tell us about any preferences or limitations if you like.
    This depends on many factors like the requirements we get from clients, your availability, rate, and some others.