Business Problems We Solve

Most CEOs would agree: give me the right people, at the right time, right cost and under right setup, and most business challenges will look small.

Getting the right people is never simple, generally. But what if you are looking for someone to fill a specific position or provide a specific service in a niche domain of knoledge that is critical to your organization's success? Finding those special skill-sets in certin "CEO-Agenda domains" can be very hard, costly, and time consuming. Putting those people to work under the right setup that insures quality and minimize risks to your investment is yet another challenge by itself.


If you can afford their hefty price tags, you may want to go with traditional costing firms and shop for advisory and resources.

That comes with its own set of problems, even with putting cost aside; contractual, timing, quality expectation, risk, flexibility, etc..


On the other hand, you can go head-hunting on your own, dealing directly with freelancers.

But again, you need to search, negotiate, hire, manage quality and outcome and finally terminate if needed. Another set of stabilty, prodictability, time, cost, legal, efficiency and quality issues arise.

Can’t be either or: There is obviosly a gap in options available to you as client. METHODExpress fills that gap.