Become A Partner

Thank you for your interest in joining the MethodExpress Partner Program.

METHODExpress is a global company that is able to deliver services anywhere in the world. In addition, our offerings types, the domains of knowledge we cover, and our model of operation, makes us an ideal partner for many businesses and individuals.

We are continually seeking to collaborate with businesses and individuals who are looking for a reliable partner that can deliver quality and practical professional solutions to their clients.

METHODExpress typically works with three types of partners as explained below. However, we are always open to other creative partnership ideas.

Main Contractor: This partisanship model is ideal for firms looking reliable subcontractor to that can deliver parts of the scope of work they are contracted to deliver to their clients. It is usual that firms who won major contracts find that certain parts of the scope need to be subcontracted. METHODExpress can take on those parts if the scope falls within its the domains of knowledge and offerings types.

Reseller: This partisanship model is ideal for consulting or technology firms looking to add certain types of offerings in certain domains of knowledge to complement their existing portfolio of offerings. A partisanship with METHODExpress can help such firms achieve this without having to build and maintain technical capacity.

Individual Business Development Leader: This model is for individuals possessing the skills, background, and network to act as independent business development leaders. Such individuals can capitalize on their abilities to create value connections between METHODExpress and clients resulting in value-adding engagements.

Please use the form below to contact us today expressing your interest in any of the above partisanship models:

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